In May of 2013 Rig To Flip embarked on a filming adventure through the Colorado Plateau, starting with a trip down the Canyons of the Green River from Dinosaur to Cataract Canyon. Between the sections of Dinosaur and Deso is a large stretch of water seldom visited. There is next to no way of knowing much about the Uinta Basin except for a dozen photos in the Desolation Canyon edition of Belknap’s river guide. By pure design we set out to float the river but by complete accident stumbled across one of the most remarkable river experiences in the West. The Uintah, a section of water seldom visited and increasingly forgotten

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On April 12th 2015 EcoFlight RTF met in Moab Utah for a dawn patrol flight over a region of Utah facing heavy energy development. The Uintah Basin is a sight to behold from the air. The size of the basin, the graceful bending of the rivers, the mesmerizing patturns in the landscape. The incredible expanse of Oil and Gas, the haze, the network of roads, all of it together. The experience the Uintah can offer us as a society is something nop one should pass up. 

The River of Many Wings is a film project we've raised and nutured now for some time. The film is a reflection of a University of Wyoming grad students research and travels on this lonely stretch of the Green River. Many conservation, environemntal and management issues orbit the basin. The landscape is heavily managed for the extractive industries but minimally, if not negligently recognizes any other use. A river trip down this section of the Green is a rare frontier experience in many ways. There are no developed, identified or maintained campsites. No defined put-ins or take-outs, no river rangers, no competition for beach space and nothing else like it anywhere in upper Colorado River Basin.  

EcoFlight & Rig To Flip

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Just to play with some of the 2013 footage we put together a little montage from the River of Many Wings

The River Of Many Wings
Teaser 2013