Founded in 2009 amongst the waves and immense scale of the Grand Canyon. A group of dirty river runners, outdoor educators, writers, filmmakers, professors and computer nerds decided that our love of rivers, boating and canyons were better shared than kept all to ourselves. We came together to form a collective voice for the river and the landscape through which it flows.


On August 4th, 1869 John Wesley Powell descended the wild Colorado into the depths of what he called “the great unknown”.


144 years later, we navigate a similar set of conditions, but a much different river. Over time, we learned the history of how that came to be. Pursuing our own travels and inquiries across the Colorado Plateau we’ve learned from ranchers, lawyers, range specialists, biologists, tribal official’s, rural towns and cities that have fundamentally redefining our concept of community. The watershed is our common stake. Sustaining this resource is our highest objective including plants, animals and our greatest resource: the landscape. We encourage active citizen participation and responsibility. We promote sustainable practices of place based living. Through the making of educational videos and compiling of news and information we wish to aid and encourage the public to comment on federal and state policies advancing citizen engagement and effect change. We advocate the education of young generations to find their passion in life by getting outside and achieve a sense adventure, stewardship and experiencing our greatest treasure hands on.

Rig to Flip

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